When performing work, we proceed from the following principles: safe working environment, high-quality work, satisfied customer


The company’s mission is to reduce the impact of risks on quality, occupational safety and the environment


For us, the most important measure of success is the trust of our customers and suppliers. In order to maintain reliability, we also expect a sense of responsibility and high ethical values from our partners


We are convinced that occupational safety and health are one of the keys to business success. If occupational safety and health are not dealt with, everyone loses, from ourselves to our partners


We want our planet to be habitable for our future generations as well. That’s why we follow the principles of environmental sustainability and circular economy in our activities – everyday reasonable consumption, waste prevention, reuse and recycling based on the higher levels of the waste hierarchy


Products and services that meet the customer’s expectations and agreed conditions
Finding solutions in cooperation with the client
Competence and qualification of employees
Environmentally friendly measures and materials
Continuous quality control, non-compliance prevention, avoidance
Identification and evaluation of risks and opportunities
Continuous quality improvement and further development


During the eleven years of operating history, we have carried out many projects of internal heating and technological pipelines, district heating networks, etc. We have also produced metal structures of varying complexity and participated in both general and port construction projects.

We respect our customers and value our good team, with whom we have successfully completed several projects.


Construction of internal heating systems
Technological pipelines
Construction of district heating networks
General construction
Port construction
Production of metal structures

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The quality management system of Elteks Ehitus OÜ has been developed based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and includes the company’s structure, quality procedures, processes and resources necessary for administrative management, the realization of the company’s policy and the achievement of goals.

In order to improve the company’s operations, the management relies on nine basic principles:

  1. Customer orientation;
  2. Leadership of the chairman of the board;
  3. Employee commitment;
  4. Taking procedures;
  5. A systematic approach to management;
  6. Continuous improvement;
  7. Making decisions based on facts;
  8. Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;
  9. Protection of ecology and workers’ health.


Today, supporting children’s hobbies and youth sports is very important. This helps ensure that future generations are healthy, active and engaged in society. Companies that support children’s hobbies and youth sports contribute to the health and well-being of their community.

Elteks Ehitus OÜ is a cooperation partner of Lõuna-Länemaa Football Club and the Enerhack Kids project.